Publication: Joint Programmes from A to Z (guide)

Publication: Joint Programmes from A to Z (guide). The publication ‘Joint Programmes from A to Z. A reference guide for practitioners’ provides information on all relevant issues relating to developing, coordinating and sustaining high quality international joint, double and multiple degree programmes. Aimed at all higher education staff considering or involved in joint programme development, […]

ECA Barometer 2019

“The ECA Barometer aims to become beacon for quality assurance community and explore possible futures, without making any judgement or taking any particular stance. We want to engage our partners and stakeholders to co-create the future of quality assurance and we hope that the articles we present to you will be good starting point for […]

ECA Newsletter July December 2019

We are pleased to share with you the last edition of the ECA Newsletter. It covers the recent activities of the ECA and our members from July to December 2019. We hope it is of interest to you. Here you can download the last ECA Newsletter 2019

The Guide to Assessing the Quality of Internationalisation

The Guide to Assessing the Quality of Internationalisation The publication provides essential elements regarding internationalisation from the perspective of the methodology applied for the Certificate for Quality in Internationalisation. Abstract: This guide analyses the different elements that contribute to internationalisation in higher education. The guide regards internationalisation as a complex phenomenon, strongly influenced by the context in which […]

JOQAR Observation Missions: Evaluation Report

All seven JOQAR partners who are QA agencies and not yet included in MULTRA were given the opportunity to undergo an observation mission. Five of these seven agencies indeed decided for an observation mission. Three agencies (EVA, SINAES and ZEvA) also indicated their willingness to join MULTRA and be subject of an observation. Five agencies had completed an external review against the ESG (and were ENQA full member […]

Single Accreditation of Joint Programmes: Evaluation Report

Single Accreditation of Joint Programmes: Pilots Evaluation Report This report is an outcome of the project Joint Programmes: Quality Assurance and Recognition of degrees (JOQAR) awarded. The overall purpose of the JOQAR project is to ensure that joint programmes are facilitated in two specific areas: accreditation/external quality assurance (QA) and recognition. The project partners – ten quality […]

Guidelines for Good Practice for Awarding Joint Degrees

These Guidelines are part of the development of a recognition framework for joint degrees in the framework of ECA’s Joint Programmes project (JOQAR). Abstract: How to award a joint degree in such a way that it is recognisable and indeed recognised? When is a joint degree regarded as an official degree in countries outside, but […]

Learning Outcomes in Quality Assurance

Learning Outcomes in Quality Assurance and Accreditation. Principles, recommendations and practice Accreditation organisations reaffirm that Higher Education Institutions (HEI) are responsible for the quality assurance of their study programmes. This means that the main accountability for setting and defining learning outcomes (LO) lies in the hand of the HEI. In order to support HEI in this task, accreditation […]