The Guide to Assessing the Quality of Internationalisation

The publication provides essential elements regarding internationalisation from the perspective of the methodology applied for the Certificate for Quality in Internationalisation.


This guide analyses the different elements that contribute to internationalisation in higher education. The guide regards internationalisation as a complex phenomenon, strongly influenced by the context in which it takes places. As a multidimensional concept, the realisation of internationalisation widely varies in different higher education settings. This means the context and the varied ways in which it is operationalised need to be taken into account when assessing internationalisation.
This guide intends to guide the (self-)assessment of the quality of internationalisation. It presents how the elements that make up the Frameworks for the Assessment of Internationalisation are to be interpreted. These are the elements that can be used to substantiate realisations in the field of internationalisation.
Since internationalisation is contextual, this guide does not prescribe or endorse any particular internationalisation approaches or activities.

Author: AERDEN, Axel

Download: The Guide for Assessing the Quality of Internationalisation

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