ECA webinar with Lucien Bollaert available

The second ECA webinar featured Lucien Bollaert who spoke on “Quality, Quality Assurance and Quality Culture in Higher Education”. “Why do we need quality? How is it created? And what is it?” were some of the fundamental questions that Lucien Bollaert elaborated on.  The webinar was broadcasted on 20 October 2015 and is now available […]

Lucien Bollaert “Quality Assurance in Europe (2005–2015)”

New article by Lucien Bollaert: Quality Assurance in Europe (2005–2015). From Internal and Institutional to External and International. This new article highlights the developments in external quality assurance requirements between the launch of the European Standards and Guidelines in Quality Assurance (ESG in 2005 and the forth- coming Ministerial Bologna Conference in Yerevan (Armenia) in 2015. In […]

Presentation: Report on Progress in Quality Assurance by the European Commission

At the occasion of the ECA Association annual meeting in Porto this month,  Daniel Gohring – guest speaker from the European Commission – has presented to the ECA members the European Commission’s Report on Progress in Quality Assurance. Read the original QAzette article: Report on Progress in Quality Assurance in Higher Education On behalf of the […]