Lucien Bollaert

The second ECA webinar featured Lucien Bollaert who spoke on “Quality, Quality Assurance and Quality Culture in Higher Education”. “Why do we need quality? How is it created? And what is it?” were some of the fundamental questions that Lucien Bollaert elaborated on.  The webinar was broadcasted on 20 October 2015 and is now available online here. With apologies for the annoying advertisements; this is the price of using free software but we will try to find another solution for future webinars.

Lucien Bollaert is Executive Board member of NVAO and Board member of ECA. His book A Manual for Internal Quality Assurance in Higher Education – with a special focus on professional higher education was launched in november 2014 at the European Quality Assurance Forum (EQAF). The book drew a lot of attention internationally and is currently reprinted. Lucien Bollaert also wrote an article on “Quality Assurance in Europe (2005-2015)” which can be downloaded here.

The first ECA webinar featured Prof Hans de Wit on Internationalisation of HE in Europe and is still available for viewing.

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