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2018-ECA Workshop & Annual ECA meeting, Ljubljana

28 and 29 June 2018 in Ljubljana


Programme Ljubljana Workshop-28-29 June 2018


The Council for Higher Education of the Republic of Slovenia (the Council) established by the Higher Education Act in 1994 began to carry out the tasks associated with the accreditation of study programmes and higher education institutions. It was established as an independent professional body composed of experts in the field of higher education. Besides assuring quality in the study process, the granting of accreditations promoted the development of the culture of quality and the creation of regulatory frameworks subject to European development guidelines.

In 1996, the National Commission for the Quality of Higher Education (NCQHE) was established at the university level on the initiative of the Rectors’ Conference to enable the development of the internal and external quality system in the Slovenian higher education area subject to European development policies.

SQAA was established in 2010 as a non-governmental direct budget user and public authorisation holder by a Resolution on the Founding of the Slovenian Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education.

Since 2013 SQAA has been included in the European Register of Agencies EQAR and is a full member of the ECA Accreditation Consortium, CEENQA Central and Eastern European Quality Assurance Agencies, and the International Association of Quality Assurance Agencies, INQAAHE.

Since 2015 SQAA has been a full member of the European Quality Assurance Association for Higher Education ENQA.


Presentation Koen Verlaeckt

Presentation QA WBL project proposal

IMPEA ECA Ljubljana

AR-Net and eVALUATE ECA annual meeting 2018



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