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Yodak, Quality Assurance Agency in North Cyprus has joined ECA as observer

On 30 June 2021 was held the ECA General Assembly. Among other issues, the agreement to join YÖDAK, Quality Assurance Agency in North Cyprus as an observer of the ECA was adopted. YÖDAK was established as an autonomous public agency (non-profit) for Quality Assurance in North Cyprus in 2005. Objectives of YODAK are the Internationalization of Higher Education, Wellfare of Society and Sustainable development via Higher Education, bringing together international cultures and rendering quality services, Intergrating higher education system with the Bologna Process.

Functions and Scope of Activities of YÖDAK are: Planning, Organizing, Observing the new applications, Evaluating (Auditing), Accrediting institutions and programs, coordinating institutions.

The role of YÖDAK is to adapt and implement norms and standards to raise the quality in universities, to evaluate process against set standards, to develop and uphold the international standards in a higher education system, and be an official body for academic governance.

We are proud that Yodak is part of the ECA community.

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