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Welcome MFHEA, the new ECA observer

The ECA community warmly welcomes the new observer, the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority.

The MFHEA is an independent and international authority, which is responsible for setting the strategic direction for further and higher education in Malta and works to ensure that further and higher education institutions working in and from Malta provide quality education in accordance with all local, European and International standards and guidelines. 

The MFHEA is responsible for: 

  • accreditation of further and higher educational institutions; 
  • accreditation of programmes or courses of studies at further and higher education levels; 
  • quality assurance of educational institutions and programmes; 
  • compliance; 
  • recognition of obtained national or international qualifications as well as prospective qualifications; 
  • validation of informal and non-formal learning; 
  • research and policy recommendations on issues related to further and higher education;
  • maintaining a register of licensed and accredited institutions and accredited programmes available in Malta; 
  • developing a National Strategy for Further and Higher Education; 
  • promoting structures dialogue between all further and higher education institutions;
  • implementation of the European Commission Directive 2005/36/EC on the recognition of professional qualifications, including the Internal Market Information System (IMI) and the Regulated Professions Database (REGPROF); and
  • working with European and International agencies and entities for the promotion of further and higher education.

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