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  • This namespace is an alias used for direct linking to media files: the link [[{{ns:-2}}:Wiki.png]] links to just the image rather than the image descri ...for more details of this link syntax. To create an [[Help:Links|internal link]] to the file page, you need to add a colon to the front of the namespace:
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  • Clicking on the [[Special:preferences|My preferences]] link in the upper right while logged in allows you to change your preferences. Y ...the 42nd user to sign up at this particular wiki). This number is used for internal purposes.
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  • This template is used to produce a link in a box to a [[Portal:List of portals|portal]] or portals. [[Category:Internal link templates]]
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  • * {{tl|Ed}} – navbar style edit link * {{tl|Ed right}} – navbar style edit link aligned to right of page
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  • ...of the following examples is placed inside a given [[Wikipedia:Navigation templates|template]], it adds navbar navigational functionality: ...ted. To implement the view-only version, use the {{tlx|v}} or {{tlx|view}} templates instead.
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  • {{Tlx|Purge}} produces a link that will clear the cache and rebuild page from the wikitext. {{Tlx|Purge}} adds to any page a link that, when clicked, not only reloads the page, but clears the server cache,
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  • ...|macro]] [[m:Help:template|template]] used to display a template name as a link surrounded by braces, thus showing how the template name would be used in c [[Category:Internal link templates]]
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  • ...[[w:Wikipedia:Template doc page pattern|transcluded]] for all ''Tlx family templates (Tlx, Tlxc, Tlxw, Tlxb)'' [<span class="plainlinks">[{{fullurl:Template:Tlx ...he similar {{tl|Tl}} [[Macro (computer science)|macro]] template -- a blue link nested in [[brackets|curly-braces]]-- the same as a user would apply the te
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  • [[File:Logo-jdaz.jpg|left|link=|110px]]<p style="font-size: 140%;margin:0 3px .8em 3px;">'''The aim of thi ...n Standards and Guidelines, the Erasmus Mundus Quality Assurance tool, and internal and external quality assurance aspects, including the use of alumni.]]</p>
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