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  • ...{{FOO}}</nowiki></code>'''. As such, they look a lot like [[Help:Templates|templates]]. | Adds a link ([[MediaWiki:Addsection|"+" by default]]) beside the "edit" tab for adding
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  • It is used to build ''article message box'' templates such as {{tl|wikify}}. It offers several different colours, uses default im ...will also add such pages to [[:Category:Pages with incorrectly substituted templates]]. Just copy the code exactly as it appears in the box.
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  • [[Category:External link templates]]
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  • [[File:Logo-jdaz.jpg|left|link=|110px]]<p style="font-size: 140%;margin:0 3px .8em 3px;">'''The aim of thi ...ion System). The JDAZ consortium benefited from the input and expertise of external experts in the field, representing the JOIMAN consortium, the European qual
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