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  • This template is used to produce a link in a box to a [[Portal:List of portals|portal]] or portals. ...ara|size|<var>Size</var>}} : The width of the icon, as an integer. This is in units of pixels. The default is 28 times the [[image aspect ratio]], which
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  • ...texts as before or new improved texts.) If there are more specific images in the boxes or you know a better image, then use them instead of the default ...ensure that your revision reflects [[Wikipedia:Consensus|consensus]]. When in doubt, discuss on the [[{{TALKPAGENAME}}|talk page]].
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  • ...orrectly substituted templates]]. Just copy the code exactly as it appears in the box. ...ameter. Images are specified using the standard syntax for inserting files in Wikipedia (see [[Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Images#How to place an image]].)
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  • Note that the small padlock in the top right corner of this page also is an example created with this meta <!-- Example showing the small padlock in the top right corner. -->
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  • ...(navbox)]] templates usually positioned on the right-hand sides of pages) in the same spirit as {{tl|Infobox}} for [[Wikipedia:Manual of Style (infoboxe ...he sidebar, in which case the {{para|name}} parameter is needed (see entry in the table immediately below).
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