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  • Programme accreditation procedures assess Bachelor and Master degree courses and continuing education programmes such as the MAS or EMBA; they a
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  • [[File:Degree structure-FL.gif]] =Bachelor's degree=
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  • ...rammes taught in English, to internationally recognisable higher education structures and to transparent [[quality assurance]] measures. ...complete a Bachelor's programme, the first cycle, and with that Bachelor's degree they can be admitted to a Master's programme, the second cycle. The third c
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  • ...ty ([[Mexico]]) or the University of Entre Ríos (Argentina): both are non-degree awarding associate members. There are 8 major pathways: Cultural Migrations ...parchment and Masters Degree certificates fully accredited by the national structures of the 3 countries of study. Associate members: Macdonald Stewart Art Centr
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  • ...dern automobiles and communicate through sophisticated communication structures. Other ...udents will earn 50% of the credits at each institution leading to a joint degree from the respective institutions. The language of instruction is English.
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  • Graduate studies, leading to a Double Master Degree from ULG-Liege, [[Belgium]] and ECN-Nantes, students having already a master degree in another engineering field that would like to get a specialisation in Shi
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  • ...s – European Master of Comparative Morphology (EUCOMOR). This Master’s degree answers to the need of the international biomedical environment for an expe ...offered in the programme. In this master programme the course content and structures that have been hinged on the defined learning outcomes and the demanded ski
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  • ...different regions in the world. In its approach the citizen – instead of structures and models – is the central point of attention and reflection. is 120 ECTS. All courses are taught in English. Students obtain a joint degree where legislation allows. The programme recruits students world-wide. The r
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  • ...d culture in biotechnology and optical sciences oriented toward biological structures and processes, with a real capacity to adapt to the quick technological evo ...a multiple degree with Polish Universities. A convergence towards a single degree will be implemented during the Master.
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  • in the field of Conservation and Restoration of Architectural Heritage Structures. The dissertation is to be carried out inside the Universities with p ...nstitutions involved, together with a joint course diploma. A good quality degree in Civil Engineering with a minimum of 240 ECTS or equivalent qualification
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  • construct structures in a balanced approach between economic, environmental and social aspects, ...o provide engineers the ability and know-how to design and construct steel structures in a balanced approach between economic, environmental and social aspects,
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  • April 2015. The JDAZ consortium consists of six Erasmus Mundus National Structures (EMNSs). The two core partners in the consortium are the EMNS of the Nether ...oint programmes. The focus is on programmes leading to a joint or multiple degree and offered by institutions in different countries.
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  • ...access to further studies. Define the level of integration and anticipate degree awarding. ...e programmes compared to double or other multiple degree programmes. Joint degree programmes may take more effort to develop, but are, therefore, also seen a
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  • ...overnance structures of the programme (partners can include: degree or non-degree awarding HEIs, non-university partners, professional bodies, alumni, etc.). ...joint diploma and Diploma Supplement, to support future recognition of the degree.
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  • ...eral European Universities and Academies, an innovative transitional joint degree. ...and evidence-based knowledge developed in formal academic and disciplinary structures, providing a stimulating and innovative environment for teaching, learning
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