Higher education system in Slovenia

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Higher education in Slovenia is considered in line with the European Higher Education Area. The quality of Slovenian higher education is ensured by its regulatory framework and its quality assurance system.

Types of institutions

Higher education programmes are offered by public and private universities and their members – faculties, art academies and professional colleges. Private faculties and art academies as well as public and private professional colleges may be organised also as independent higher education institutions.

Universities, faculties and art academies may provide all types of study programmes, while professional colleges may provide, as a rule, the first-cycle professional study programmes, but also the second-cycle programmes when meeting certain special requirments.

Types of programmes

Slovenia has a three cycle degree structure: Bachelor - Master - Ph.D

  • Bachelor's degrees
    • Bachelor's programme with professional orientation
    • Bachelor's programme with academic orientation
  • Master's degrees
    • Master's programme
  • PhD degrees
    • Doctorate programme

The first cycle study programmes are academic and professional study programmes. Their duration is determined by years (three to four years) and credit points (180 to 240 CP). 60 credit points may be obtained per study year, 1 credit point consists of 25 to 30 hours of a student’s work; there are from 1500 to 1800 hours per year in total.

The second cycle study programmes are masters’ study programmes (masters’ professional degree). They consist of 60 to 120 credit points and last from one to two years. The duration of an individual masters’ study programme must be planned with regard to the duration of the first cycle study programme.

The total duration in the same field of study must not exceed five years (3+2, 4+1). The second cycle study programmes include also single cycle masters’ study programmes . They are formed for studying professions regulated by the EU directives or the legislation of the Republic of Slovenia. Where not determined differently by the EU directives, these programmes are of five years’ duration and consist of 300 credit points.

The third cycle is one type of a study programme: doctoral study programmes. It lasts for three years, study requirements consist of 180 credit points, two thirds of which shall be acquired by research.

The degrees in all three cycles can be formed as joint degrees. Higher education institutions may organise and provide supplementary study programmes as a form of lifelong learning. Studies are organised as full-time or part-time studies.