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Qrossroads presents information regarding quality assured and accredited higher education in Europe. The information on Qrossroads is provided by quality assurance and accreditation agencies and specifically concerns qualifications from quality assured and accredited programmes and institutions.

Qrossroads makes qualifications from accredited and quality assured programmes and institutions visible for international users according to a common format. These qualifications are presented in the perspective of the higher education system(s) of which it is part together with information on the relevant QA agencies and recognition authorities. Qrossroads brings together information from the different databases of the quality assurance and accreditation agencies.

All stakeholders including potential students are informed about all the Erasmus Mundus programmes via the Qrossroads service and the dedicated pages of the Joint programmes portal on ECApedia. The Qrossroads service integrates all programmes and institutional details into an online database with a special search function to find Erasmus_Mundus master and doctoral programmes and to search through portal web pages.

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