PHOENIX - Phoenix JDP Dynamics of Health and Welfare

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  • Duration: 48 months


PhoenixEM JDP Dynamics of Health and Welfare defines a new field of research and doctoral training, linking health, welfare and society with theory and methods from humanities and social sciences in close contact with the professional arena. École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (Paris) is coordinator with the Portuguese National School of Public Health, University of Évora (Portugal) and Linköping University (Sweden) as full members of the consortium. The JDP is a new European model for doctoral programs in humanities and social sciences, with mandatory internships (18 ECTS), research seminars and teaching (42 ECTS) and doctoral thesis (120 ECTS).

Each student will be trained in several European languages at a minimum of three different universities. After dissertation, candidates will be awarded a joint diploma. Health and welfare is one of the most important fields in current politics and economics, deeply affecting people’s lives. Numerous institutions and socio-economic actors in the field (illustrated by the diversified associated partners) ask for a program merging academic science and practicum, producing excellent researchers and skilled professionals. There is no necessary contradiction between high quality academic training in research and preparation for future professional work in public or private institutions, NGOs and other parts of the socio-economic sector. To that end, the consortium has established associated partnerships with institutions involved in the practical side of welfare and health issues on the European and worldwide level – covering activities from local to international levels. (ICSW, International Council of Social Welfare ; European Laboratory on Health Systems and Policies-WHO ; le Clipp-Montreal ; French Red Cross ; Direction of social affairs-Paris Municipality ; County Council of Östergötland and City of Linköping for health and social care (Sweden); and Siemens. Four universities are associated members and participate in the training of students (Babes-Bolyai, Cluj; IEP, Paris, KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, and Fudan, Shanghai).

The JDP will meet present and future needs for a deeper and mutually beneficial collaboration and frequent mobility between these arenas. It provides knowledge for intervention and analysis of concrete social and political needs in Europe and elsewhere, a valuable expertise in research and future management of health and welfare in an international context.


  • SCHOOL FOR ADVANCED STUDIES IN THE SOCIAL SCIENCES, France (Co-ordinating institution)


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