FETALMED PhD - Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate in Fetal and Perinatal Medicine

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  • Duration: 48


The EMJD FETALMED-PHD programme led by three European Universities based in Barcelona, Leuven and London, is the first joint doctoral programme in the emerging field of Fetal Medicine, combining science, technology, and innovation to promote a new generation of transdisciplinary researchers who in association with professionals from others disciplines are empowered to work and apply solutions in different sectors (academia-Industry).

The program addresses the main challenges, current needs and research-innovation opportunities in the Fetal and Perinatal area in Europe and the world: prediction/prevention of the major syndromes of pregnancy, fetal therapy and fetal programming of post-natal diseases, which are addressed by the three lines of the programme(1)-Prediction and prevention of Fetal programming –(.Fetal Brain Damage, and Fetal Cardiovascular Programming),(2) 1rst trimester screening of preeclampsia (PE) and Intrauterine Growth Restriction( IUGR) and Early detection/prevention of prematurityand (3) Fetal Therapy and Surgery.

The specific objectives of this EMJD FETALMED-PHD programme includes: (Academic objective) To create a distinct academic program for interdisciplinary research, education and training of doctoral students around the field of Fetal Medicine, enhancing their career opportunities in different sectors, and making Europe a referral hub for training, research and innovation in the field. (Research objective) To develop competitive research and innovation projects aiming at improving current knowledge and providing pre-clinical solutions for personalized early diagnosis and therapy in fetal medicine, with a strong focus in emerging technologies (omics) and disease models (stem cells). (Socio-Economic objective) to translate basic science results to clinical solutions in order to prevent disease and reduce the cost of treatment and rehabilitation later in life, to further enhance European excellence in fetal medicine, and to improve long term quality of life of young children and their families.


  • UNIVERSITAT DE BARCELONA, Spain (Co-ordinating Institution)


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