EuSYSBIO - erasmus Mundus Master's Course in euSYSBIO Systems Biology

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  • Duration: 2 years


New measurement techniques in genomics, and in biology more generally, give rise to new forms of data, in ever-increasing quantities. These data demand specialists who understand bioinformatics and data modelling algorithms, and who have the confidence in their own skills and abilities to build new tools when needed. The euSYSBIO programme is therefore designed to give students a solid background in methodological sciences and hands-on experience in modern measurement technologies, so that they can contribute to this rapidly developing field of science and technology.

Deadlines, and detailed admission requirements and selection criteria, will be published on the euSYSBIO web page. Application is through an on-line portal:

The euSYSBIO programme offers two first-year courses, one from KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm, Sweden) and one from Aalto University, School of Science and Technology (Helsinki, Finland). Both first-year courses have a methodological focus, and are organized by departments of computer and information science at the respective university. The euSYSBIO programme currently offers three second- year courses, one each from KTH and Aalto, and one from IST Instituto Superior Técnico (Lisbon, Portugal). The second-year courses are focused on application areas where the respective universites are particularly strong in research, and include a half-year master degree project. A detailed syllabus of all euSYSBIO courses will be availble on the euSYSBIO web page.

The partner universities of the euSYSBIO programme offer many possibilities to gain international research experience in high-level research facilities during the two-year programme, and many possibilities for continued study at the PhD level after the programme. Prospective students are encouranged to browse the web pages of the partner universities for more information.

The euSYSBIO programme includes an annual winter conference open to all first-year and second-year students, for specialized lectures, informal contacts and research presentations by the students. The separate courses of the euSYSBIO programme also offer many possibilities for networking in the Stockholm, Helsinki and Lisbon areas and R & D communities.

The euSYSBIO programme charges tuition fees, currently set to 4000 Euro per study year for European students, and 8000 Euro per study year for third-country students. Tuition fees will be payed to KTH, the coordinating institution of the euSYSBIO consortium. Students having their first degree from one of the partner universities (KTH, Aalto and IST) will be given a tuition fee waiver.

The euSYSBIO programme offers a number of Erasmus Mundus study grants, and euSYSBIO partner universities also offer a limited number of other study grants at various levels of financial coverage. Prospective students should be aware of that obtaining such other grants may require an additional effort, such as e.g. a separate application process, and may have separate deadlines. For details, please see the euSYSBIO web page.


  • KTH ROYAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, Sweden (Co-ordinating institution)
  • AALTO UNIVERSITY. School of Science and Technology, Finland


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