EUROMIME - Master européen en Ingénierie des Médias pour l'Education

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  • Duration: 2 years


EUROMIME is a European Master in Media Technology for Education. It trains students to become project managers in the sector of design, development and implementation of training tools using online digital media. It also trains researchers specialised in studies on the usage of these tools. The Master, which qualifies one for subsequent doctoral studies, prepares the students for employment in a commercial or public industrial structure as well as for a university career. Many of the students who have graduated are working in public or private structures involved in distance learning projects.

The course is multidisciplinary. Based on a job competency referential, it is organised into five complementary domains: technology, educational technology, management, research methodologies and tools, communication skills.

EUROMIME proposes high standards in teaching in conjunction with projects involving industrial partners, professional internships, research internships, research seminars, participation at several international symposia and final term dissertations.

The course consists of a preparation stage by correspondence carried out in the country of origin followed by a two-year course in the universities of the consortium (from September of the year N to September of the year N+2).

The master is organised by a consortium of seven universities: three European (University of Poitiers, Technical University of Lisbon and National University for Distance Education of Madrid) and four Latin American universities (National Autonomous University of Mexico, University of Brasilia, Catholic University of Peru at Lima and Los Lagos University in Chile at Osorno). The main part of the studies is carried out in Europe along with study visits to Latin America, which are obligatory for European students and optional for international students. The seven universities of the consortium, which are renowned for their expertise in the field of educational technologies, develop other programmes of study and research actions with which students can be associated.

The course is conducted in the national languages of the institutions concerned (French, Portuguese and Spanish). A very significant linguistic preparation allows English-speaking students who do not have mastery over the three working languages to get admission.

At the end of the course, the students are awarded degrees from the three European universities and receive an additional joint certificate prepared by all the universities of the consortium. The students also receive certificates according to their level of mastery of the three languages of the consortium (TCF, DPLE and DELE).


  • UNIVERSITY OF POITIERS, France (Co-ordinating institution)


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