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== Source ==
== Source ==
* '''Erasmus Mundus Quality Assurance (EMQA)'''
* '''Erasmus Mundus Quality Assurance''' [http://www.emqa.eu EMQA]

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Erasmus Mundus Quality Assurance (EMQA) is a participatory approach to quality assurance that has been built since 2008 for the European Commission DG Education and Culture Erasmus Mundus Master and Doctoral Joint Programmes. EMQA is not a standard QA process of judging or ranking courses against a fixed set of ‘standards’. The underlying principle is that international programmes are innovating constantly and that this innovation needs to be communicated directly back to the HE sector. EMQA is a strongly participatory approach to excellence. The resources on EMQA website can be used by any international programme – Master, Doctoral, Professional, or Commercial – to help programmes to review their own quality against a structured set of quality components drawn from Higher Education across the European Union.

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