ATOSIM - Atomic Scale Modelling of Physical, Chemical and Bio-molecular Systems

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  • Duration: 24 months


This two year degree operated jointly by ENSL, UvA, VUA and la Sapienza will provide a high level qualification in the rapidly expanding field of computer modelling in physical, chemical and biomolecular sciences. The methodology will cover the full range from quantum mechanical atomistic descriptions to coarse grained mesoscopic models. Fields of application include in particular condensed matter and statistical physics, chemistry, physical chemistry, materials science and theoretical biomolecular science. 20 to 30 students will be admitted to this program, with a professor/student ratio close to 1.

The program will involve a substantial part of hands on practical courses, in small groups. Courses will be given in English. The study program is divided into 4 parts corresponding each to one semester of study and 30 ECTS credits. During the 1st semester, the students will be enrolled in Amsterdam and follow courses and tutorials on Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Chemistry, Statistical Theory of Complex Molecules, and Molecular Simulation and carry out a short Scientific Computing Research Project. In the 2nd semester, students will follow courses on Statistical Mechanics and Atomistic Simulation in Rome and begin to specialize by choosing between computational, physics and biology oriented modules. The 3rd semester in Lyon offers a wide choice of advanced and specializing courses in areas ranging from condensed matter theory and statistical physics, over chemistry to biomolecular simulations. The 4th semester is devoted to research. Students can choose between projects offered at one of the partner organisations (Amsterdam, Rome and Lyon) or by an associate partner (Cambridge, Mainz, SISSA, Dublin, Lausanne, Tromsø). Research projects will be supervised jointly by tutors from two partner institutions.

Students will obtain a triple diploma. The degrees are: - Master de Sciences de la Matière, within the track « Physique, Chimie et Méthodes Numériques » for ENS-Lyon; - Master in Chemistry (track Molecular Simulation and Photonics) or a Master in Physics (Condensed Matter Science) for University of Amsterdam; - Master in Physics for University La Sapienza of Rome. These degrees are recognized in Europe as research masters degree allowing the student to start a Ph. D. thesis. The Atosim MSc and its sister PhD program (involving the same set of partners) are built around the CECAM network ( Admission into the master degree will be decided on the basis of academic excellence. Applicants should have an excellent University record, with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree corresponding to at least 3 years of prior studies corresponding to 180 ECTS credits, with major in one of the following fields: physics, chemistry, engineering, applied mathematics, bioinformatics. Proof of English proficiency (TOEFL 580 or IELTS 6.5 or equivalent) will be required.


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  • ECOLE NORMALE SUPERIEURE DE LYON, France (Co-ordinating institution)