AQU Catalunya trainings

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Target audience of training

AQU Catalunya provides the same training for representatives of all stakeholder groups. Additionally, there are “ad hoc” courses for students organized.

Content of training

  • Evaluation process
  • Context
  • Accreditation criteria
  • IT tools

Special content for student courses:

  • purpose of AQU Catalunya
  • students role in committees, etc

Training process

  • 1 day training
  • Ad hoc courses for students - 0.5 day

Learning outcomes

  • Improvement oriented aspects
  • application of accreditation criteria
  • team work and soft skills


  • Lecturing
  • Discussion of examples
  • Case studies (PBL) including feed-back

Skills of trainers

Strategic aspects taught by AQU management; soft kills, PB, improve-ment skills by project managers