The Swedish Parliament approved a new external QA system for Swedish higher education. The new national quality assurance system should focus on both monitoring outcomes (which is the sessence of the current system) and quality development. The Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ), a member of ECA,  has received the mandate for the implementation. The QA system will comprise four components:

The allocation of quality-based funding on the basis of the programme evaluations will come to an end, which means that a three-point scale is no longer needed for this purpose. The Authority (UKÄ) should decide whether a two-point or three-point scale (including good practices) will be used in the institutional and programme reviews.

The Parliament requires that  the new system be followed-up properly to ensure that the objective of enhancing the quality of higher education is fulfilled. To this end a number of tasks have been mandated to UKÄ:

The new QA system will be launched in 2017.

See the full text of the Swedish Government Document-Assuring the quality of higher education

An article on the approval by the Swedish Parliament was also placed on University World News.

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