As part of the Eramsus+ funded project eQuATIC we created a brief (5 minute) questionnaire around the quality of university partnerships. If you are from a HEI dealing with institutional partnerships we hope you will join your colleagues by taking a few moments to share your insights with us:
Fill in questionnaire on Interinstitutional Partnerships

The results will help us identify common practices around interinstitutional agreements and offer a tool that will help institutions to measure the quality of existing partnerships.

Interested how eQuATIC looks like once data is uploaded? You can consult a demo version to get an idea about the eQuATIC functionality and added value for your institution.

The demo verions is is stored with fictive data and is available on the eQuATIC test server. Go to and register for “Demo institution”. Once registered you will receive access to this testing environment and will be able to consult (fictive) quality reports.

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