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Save the date: WG on Joint programmes, recognition and innovation Meeting

As of December 2021, WG 1 and WG 2 are joint into a new Working Group on Joint programmes, recognition, and innovation, chaired by Eva Fernandez de Labastida from Unibasq. 

The WG will be mainly focusing on joint programmes and European Approach and as a response to a rising demand in this area. The European Universities initiative and their innovative approaches in terms of programmes, including the perspective of a European degree is increasing the interest on the quality assurance of joint programmes following the European Approach and the need of recognition of these new degrees. In addition, any topic of interest of the members will be discussed in this forum.

Our members and observers are cordially invited to join the WG and further discuss the topics which could be of interest for member agencies. The meeting will be held online via Zoom on 21 April 2022, from 10:00 to 11:30.

Should you be interested, please register yourself via the form below. 

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