René-Paul Martin-Denavit

ECA members confirmed on 4 December 2015 René-Paul Martin-Denavit (CTI, France) as Chair of ECA. He was Acting Chair since former ECA Chair Rafael van Grieken became Minister of Education of the region Madrid.

Dr René-Paul Martin-Denavit was Member of the CNE, AERES councils, and the CTI, in charge of international activities, since 1997 until 2014. He was scientific advisor for joint university-industry R&D at the Ministry of Industry in Paris in chemistry and oil. Director of the Research Center of Pechiney and ELF companies in Lyon. Director of Innovation and Development in Paris for ELF. Chair of the Committee for Industry at the IUPAC. Technical adviser of the Ministry of Education for industry-education cooperation and employment. Head of human ressources development at ATOCHEM until 2002.
René-Paul Martin-Denavit has taught chemistry, innovation management, and quality assurance in France and abroad. He was recently appointed as Honorary Consul of Pakistan in the Lyon and Rhône Alps region.

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