The Open Source University Alliance Initiative is an initiative of the Erasmus Without Paper project (EWP) that aims to let all Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Europe face the challenges of the information society, in an efficient and qualitative way. By creating an open repository of source code and software, the higher education community will have full access to the necessary tools to meet the demands that they are posed with today. The core of the Open Source University Alliance will be composed by HEIs willing to lead by example with regards to sharing open source solutions developed by their respective teams.

The foundation of the Open Source University Alliance are the individual HEIs that show their support for the initiative by donating code to the repository. It is their contributions that makes the Open Source University Alliance possible. It is therefore crucial that as many HEIs sign up and show support for the initiative as possible. By signing up, you will contribute to the creation of an open source of tools that will aid all the thousands of HEIs in Europe. Their contribution will then help your HEI efficiently realize any digital development necessary.

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