La Salle is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. It has served as an opportunity to reflect upon our mission commitments and the work done in Colombia. We are convinced that only through good education Colombia will surpass so many years of blackness and uncertainty. Education is not a game, let alone its quality. We need that people in other latitudes understand that our proposal looks for good people elsewhere so that they may see what we fully believe in: “the power of education to transform societies”. We remain attentive before the world academic community with the hope that our inspirational aims are understood as a concept to give HEIs the understanding that international education –internationalization if you might- is not a fad but rather an opportunity to have better professionals, better citizens, better people.

 Last but not least, We do want to thank the European Consortium for Accreditation, the panel of experts, the National Council for Accreditation (CNA), the La Salle academic community, our allies and all those who made possible this recognition, which certainly represents the Colombian Higher Education from its deepest roots and inspirational aims.

Bro. Carlos G. Gómez-Restrepo.
La Salle University (Colombia)

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