This publication aims to present what quality assurance agencies have learnt from assessing joint programmes. The presentation takes the form of a checklist since this makes the information easily accessible and digestible.

Joint Programme Checklist - inspired by quality assurance_Page_01

The checklist intends to increase the success of joint programmes by presenting elements deemed to be good practices. The good practices presented come from assessment reports, the formal outcomes of external quality assurance and accreditation procedures. The good practices that make up the so-called checklist were thus put forward by peers and experts.

The author read one hundred and thirty eight assessment reports. These needed some interpretation as each panel’s appraisal of good practices was quite different. Their appraisal can be very explicit but also be more implicit. Inclusion into the checklist therefore involves some interpretation by the author.

The checklist is not presented as a “to do list”. The checklist is to be interpreted as a list of things that might be checked, not as a list of things to be done. Joint programme consortia can use the checklist as a list of elements that might inspire their practice.

Read and download at the publication page.

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