All seven JOQAR partners who are QA agencies and not yet included in MULTRA were given the opportunity to undergo an observation mission. Five of these seven agencies indeed decided for an observation mission. Three agencies (EVA, SINAES and ZEvA) also indicated their willingness to join MULTRA and be subject of an observation. Five agencies had completed an external review against the ESG (and were ENQA full member and listed in EQAR). Two agencies (CNA and SINAES) had an external review against the INQAAHE Guidelines for Good Practice (INQAAHE GGP) whilst SQAA decided to undergo a ESG external review set up by ECA in conjunction with an observation of a procedure. The following observation missions took place from 2011 to 2013:

The observations were evaluated through carrying out a survey among the agencies and the observers having participated in the observation missions. Based on this valuable input and the practical experience gained during the missions, we have critically assessed and formulated recommendations regarding the:

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