Joint and Double-Multiple Degrees in IrelandThe Higher Education Authority of Ireland has published a report by Dr Frank McMahon on “Joint and double/multiple degrees in Ireland”. The report lists the joint programmes that are being provided by Irish universities and other bodies with full awarding powers, the Institutes of Technology and private colleges. Institutes of technology have delegated awarding powers which implies that they must obtain approval by Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) for any collaborative arrangement into which they wish to enter. Private colleges must get prior agreement from QQI and QQI will be the named party on any joint degree issued.  Some findings and recommendations from the report:

– Whilst the most popular category for collaborative provision is between Irish higher education institutions, the most popular foreign partner institutions are located in Germany, China, and France.
– Some 55% of joint programmes are awarded on Master’s or other postgraduate level.
– Most joint programmes are provided in Business & Law, Science (including Maths), and Engineering, Architecture & Technology. It is noteworthy that there are no joint programmes in languages.

The report includes a number of recommendations, such as:

– It is recommended that a single database for joint programmes in Ireland is set up. QQI would be best placed to produce such a database.
– Some legal issues, particularly pertaining to powers for awarding bodies to make joint and double degrees, should be clarified.
– The diploma supplement needs to fully document the nature of joint and double degrees.
– Ireland should keep abreast of recognition and accreditation developments, such as MULTRA.

Download the report:

– Joint and Double-Multiple Degrees in Ireland

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