In search for a publication that presents an overview of all good practice in coordinating joint programmes? The recently published ‘Joint Programmes from A to Z. A reference guide for practitioners’ is exactly doing that. Already available as a pdf publication, the guide is now also available as an online portal in ECApedia.

The ‘Joint Programmes from A to Z’ portal provides information on all relevant issues relating to developing, establishing and sustaining high quality international joint programmes. As such, it aims to assist coordinators, advisory bodies and other experts working or interested in working with joint programmes.

The various aspects coordinating joint programmes are presented in eight sections, on topics such as management, accreditation and recognition. Key messages for practitioners are presented on each topic, as well as practical examples. The portal includes online links to key sources on the topic.

The ‘Joint Programmes from A to Z’ portal is the result of the JDAZ project (2012 – 2015), conducted by a consortium of six Erasmus National Structures and two external experts. JDAZ was coordinated by EP-Nuffic and co-financed by the Erasmus Mundus Programme.


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