These Guidelines are part of the development of a recognition framework for joint degrees in the framework of ECA’s Joint Programmes project (JOQAR).


How to award a joint degree in such a way that it is recognisable and indeed recognised? When is a joint degree regarded as an official degree in countries outside, but sometimes even inside, the joint programme consortium? How can the design of the joint degree and the Diploma Supplement facilitate access to the labour-market?

These questions correspond with important issues that relate to the recognition of degrees awarded by joint programmes. Since increasingly joint programmes are awarding or intend to award joint degrees, there is a need to address these questions and present answers. But which practices are good practices for awarding joint degrees? And which issues need to be dealt with primarily.

The Guidelines for Good Practice for Awarding Joint Degrees aim to answer these questions. They have been developed to provide higher education institutions (and their joint programmes) with examples of good practices. These guidelines are not to be interpreted as setting standards; they provide the perspective of ENIC-NARICs. The main aim of these guidelines is to facilitate and improve the full recognition of joint degrees. It intends to do so by clarifying the expectations of ENIC-NARICs regarding the design and the content of the degree and the Diploma Supplement. These expectations of course also regard the consortium offering the joint programme and the joint programme itself.

The Guidelines for Good Practice for Awarding Joint Degrees aim to address two main concerns. First, there is a lack of transparent and full information provision through the documents (degree, transcript and/or diploma supplement) that recognition information centres (ENIC-NARICs), institutional credential evaluators and employers receive. Second, the relevant legal frameworks do not necessarily accommodate the way joint programmes are organised.

Author: Axel AERDEN and Hanna RECZULSKA

Download: Guidelines for Good Practice for Awarding Joint Degrees

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