This publication is intended to facilitate the recognition of joint degrees and was developed in the framework of ECA’s Joint Programmes project (JOQAR).


The elements that play a role when evaluating a degree (such as the status of the institutions, the awarding of the degree, the quality, etc.) are the same for both regular and joint degrees. The context of these elements is however quite different. This makes the recognition of joint degrees not always as straightforward as the recognition of regular degrees. The Framework for Fair Recognition of Joint Degrees presents a substantiation of the elements that might influence how credential evaluators look at an awarded joint degree. All these issues are then dealt with separately through examples. Each issue or example presents a conclusion for recognising the joint degree discussed. This publication is the result of a cooperation between ECA, credential evaluators and ENIC-NARICs.

Author: Axel AERDEN and Jenneke LOKHOFF

Download: Framework for Fair Recognition of Joint Degrees

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