The Faculty of Education (FE) of the University of Murcia UMU (Spain) was one of the Institutions that took part during the Cequint pilot procedure in the year 2014. On the basis of the documents provided and interviews, the expert panel could not recommend to certify the internationalization of the FE of Murcia University‘s satisfactory. The panel was of the opinion that the FE had a strong commitment to internationalization but the way this commitment was documented and presented should be stronger linked to the regional context in which the Faculty operates and with the way this context was applied in that moment in the Faculty.

Site visit with the representatives of the Faculty of Education + panel

Then the panel considered that the FE is allowed to prepare an updated version of the Self-Evaluation Report and implement the information requested in the conclusions and recommendations in a period of two years. It was also recommended that the expert panel would assess the progress made on the basis of a report by one of its members via a one day visit and the updated Self-Assessment Report, in order to review if the FE at the University of Murcia would obtain the CequInt Certificate for Quality in Internationalisation. ANECA, as the Coordinator of the process convened with the Chair of the Expert Panel, the prestigious Professor in internationalization Hans de Wit, studied the new SER and together they undertook a site visit, on 25th January 2017 following the formal procedure and did write the new Assessment Report. On April the 6th the FE received the news that the Faculty was awarded with the Certificate.

On May the 2nd, Olga Ayuso, on behalf of ECA’s Cequint Certification Group awarded the Faculty of Education with the Certificate for Quality in Internationalization. The act did coincide in an event held in the FE’s facilities chaired by the Rector of the UMU José Orihuela Calatayud with the appointment of the Dean of the Faculty of Education of the University of Murcia, Antonio de Pro Bueno, for a second term.

Antonio de Pro Bueno, Olga Ayuso and José Orihuela Calatayud

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