ECA organised two trainings in May 2016 which received positive feedback from the participants:

Assessing the Quality of Internationalisation, 5-6 May 2016, Warsaw

CeQuIntraning May 2016

Ten participants from four countries followed this ECA training which was facilitated by Axel Aerden (NVAO) and Maciej Markowski (PKA). The training prepared participants for the assessment of internationalisation in the framework of the ECA Certificate for Quality in Internationalisation. Panels that carry out these procedures need to have at least one expert who is trained for this job. All participants have received a ECA training certificate. The training certificate allows participants to register themselves in the ECA Experts Exchange Platform (EEEP). QA agencies carrying out assessments of internationalisation may search the EEEP to find suitable experts.

Assessing Joint Programmes, 9-10 May 2016, Cologne

JP training May 2016

Eight participants from four countries followed this ECA training which was facilitated by Ronny Heintze and Katarina Löbel (AQAS). The training focused especially on the European Approach for Quality Assurance of Joint Programmes as adopted by the EHEA Ministers in Yerevan in May 2015. As a case study the accreditation of the European Joint Master’s in Strategic Border Management was used. This procedure was carried out by NVAO according to the ECA framework from the JOQAR project which provided an important input for the development of the European Approach. The participants received a certificate and are entitled to join ECA’s Experts Exchange Platform (EEEP) so that QA agencies can ask them to carry out assessments of joint programmes.

On average the trainings were rated 9 out of 10 points by the participants. New trainings are planned for autumn 2016. If you are interested in one of ECA’s trainings then please indicate this here and you will be informed when the next training is organised.

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