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ECA Member AIKA issued an open call for international experts

The Academic Information Centre (AIC)/ Quality Agency for Higher Education (AIKA) has issued an open call for international experts who are interested to participate in the upcoming evaluations of study fields (study programme groups) in Latvia.

Selected experts will be included in the database and notified. Experts included in the data base should be ready to participate in short-term assignments for assessing the quality of study fields in Latvia starting from spring 2022. The assignment will consist of a preparatory stage, site visit (implemented on-site, partially online or fully online, depending on the COVID-19 situation), and preparation of the assessment report. The site visit for the assessment usually takes from 2 working days up to 5 working days according to the size of the institution and number of study programmes in the study field.

The call is open to anyone interested but especially to experts representing these disciplines:

  • Arts (in particular audiovisual art, design (interior, environmental, computer design), music, dance, Biblical art, creative industries, restoration), 
  • Religion and Theology,
  • History and Philosophy,
  • Geography and Earth Sciences, 
  • Wildlife Sciences (biology, biotechnology, biomedicine),
  • Chemistry, Chemistry Technologies and Biotechnology;
  • Physics, Material Science, Mathematics and Statistics,
  • Information Technology, Computer Hardware, Electronics, Telecommunications, Computer Management and Computer Science (in particular, e-learning technologies, smart technologies, robotics, cybersecurity, logistics, transport computer control systems).

Application is open for candidates who fulfil the following criteria:

  • University degree in one of the fields mentioned in the application form;
  • Recognised in their respective fields as researchers, teachers of the subject, Bologna experts, independent higher education experts/consultants;
  • Expertise in development, design, provision, and evaluation of higher education study programmes (experience with joint study programmes will be an asset);
  • Current or a recent managerial position or participation in governing bodies in a higher education institution;
  • Experience as a peer reviewer (in the evaluation of internal quality assurance systems, evaluation of scientific activities of a higher education institution, strategic management, internationalisation etc.) in the home country and internationally will be an asset;
  • Fluency in English.

Interested candidates may fill in the electronic application form available HERE until 31 March 2022.

All information will be included in the AIC/ AIKA database. All data will be processed according to the General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679). 

Representatives from AIC/ AIKA will be in contact with the selected experts with proposal to participate in particular evaluations in Latvia. Please be aware that inclusion in the data base does not guarantee the participation in the assessment.

If you have any questions or clarifications, please contact AIC/ AIKA by sending an e-mail to

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