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ECA is participating in the Qual-AI-ty Engagement project

Fostering Student Engagement through Qualitative Quality Assurance Practices (Qual-AI-ty Engagement) is an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships project lead by Riga Technical University ( and co-lead by ACEEU ( Other partners include the University of Twente (, the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology ( and the European Consortium for Accreditation in higher education (

The project aims at breaking the old tradition and enforcing a new approach to assess the quality of education offered by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) resources to acquire and process qualitative data, thus enhancing efficiency and creating a culture of quality for student engagement.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  1. – Mapping out the status quo of student engagement with society in Europe, showcasing best practices and highlighting the major drivers and barriers to accomplishing it.
  2. – Actively engaging and educating Quality Assurance (QA) staff with the matters pertaining to student engagement so as to be able to evaluate and ultimately foster it.
  3. – Co-creating new modes of student engagement evaluation together with students as a means of providing new and more comprehensive perspectives to QA.
  4. – Creating a machine-based learning algorithm to analyse qualitative data on student engagement and spur efficiency, bringing about a new approach to QA instruments.
  5. – Forging a platform showcasing qualitative-data on student engagement to increase visibility of QA and student engagement in general.
  6. – Creating an Action Plan on fostering student engagement with society on the European Union level, easily replicable by other Higher Education Institutions interested in enforcing the same vision.

The duration of the project is 26 months from November 2020 to October 2022. For further information please consult the project website ( and the LinkedIn account (

If you want to get in touch or get involved, send us an email on:

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