NECA-NVAO seminar







On 3 December 2015 ECA and NVAO organised the Seminar “National Implementation of the European Approach for Quality Assurance of Joint Programmes”. More than 100 representatives of higher education institutions, joint programmes coordinators, QA agencies, governments and other stakeholders were present.

The European approach for accreditation of joint programmes that was adopted by the Ministers of the EHEA in Yerevan in May 2015  is a huge step forward. Can the implementation start right away or are changes in national legislation necessary? What challenges do HEIs/joint programmes, agencies and governments face in applying the European Approach? Is recognition of joint programmes and the degrees awarded assured? These and other questions were looked at from the viewpoint of different stakeholders such as the Bologna Follow-Up Group, European Commission, national recognition authorities and governments, EQAR, QA agencies, and of course the perspectives of joint programmes and their students and alumni. Although there are still challenges to overcome the seminar concluded positively with a plea to start implementing the European Approach for QA of Joint Programmes in practice.

For the programme, presentations, live stream and pictures click here.


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