Launching of the ImpEA project

“Facilitating implementation of the European Approach for Quality Assurance of Joint Programmes – ImpEA” project has been officially launched on 22nd of November 2017 in Warsaw. The kick-off meeting gathered representatives of all project’s partners and associated partner. About project consortium The partnership is composed of 9 partners from 5 countries: Polish Accreditation Committee (Poland) […]

Two new members join ECA

At the occasion of the ECA Seminar in The Hague on 10 December 2014 the General Meeting of ECA has unanimously approved the membership of the following agencies. HCERES – High Council for the Evaluation of Research and Higher Education, France UKÄ -Swedish Higher Education Authority, Sweden ECA now counts 15 members in 11 countries. Warm welcome to […]

ECA responds to the EU progress report on QA

The Board of ECA has approved the following response to the EU progress report on quality assurance in higher education: ECAs response to the EC reports on progress in QA in HE    

3 new agencies authorised to award EUR-ACE label

 Three new agencies are authorised to award the EUR-ACE label to the engineering degree programmes which they accredit. Among these agencies is ECA member ANECA. The signing of a Mutual Recognition Agreement which will facilitate greater recognition of engineering degree programme is announced to take place in Brussels in November 2014. PRESS RELEASE  

ECA is now an association

On 15th April 2014 ECA has become an association. The incorporation took place in The Hague at the notary’s office BarentsKrans. c The member agencies ANECA (Spain) and AHPGS (Germany) acted as incorporators. Thirteen agencies have already signed up as first members of the association. ECA is now able to participate fully in international projects and to […]

APQN gives award to ECA

At the APQN Conference 2014 in Hanoi an award was given to ECA to underline the partnership between the Asia-Pacific Quality Network and ECA. Both networks signed a Memorandum of Cooperation  in 2013. At the conference the ECA projects on joint programmes JOQAR and internationalisation CeQuInt as well as the website Qrossroads were presented. The importance of the […]

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