In October 2016 the Bengaluru Statement 2016 on Next-Generation Quality Assurance of Higher Education: A Shared Vision and Commitment for Fostering Partnership Beyond Borders” was issued. The statement was the culmination of the global summit organised by NAAC and APQN in Bengaluru (India). Over 120 delegates including 23 representatives of about 20 countries attended this global summit.

The Bengaluru statement includes a call to enhance actions with regard to mutual recognition of qualifications and accreditation decisions, issues that ECA has been working on for the past decade and would like to discuss further with regional networks. The statement also calls for the development of regional and global databases of recognised accreditation bodies and accredited higher education institutions.  The database Qrossroads as developed by ECA fits in to this call.

ECA’s representative Ronny Heintze from AQAS (Germany) held a presentation at the conference, including the explanation regarding the ECA Certificate for Quality in Internationalisation.

For more information on the conference and an overview of the presentations click here.

The Bengaluru statement 2016 and accompanying media release can be viewed here:




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