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This template is the former name of {{multiple issues}}, which is now being used to trial a new idea for dealing with articles with multiple issues.


The syntax for the template is:

{{Article issues|
{{Issue 1}}
{{Issue 2}}
{{Issue 3}}

where Issue 1, Issue 2, Issue 3, etc. are article maintenance templates (see Wikipedia:Template messages/Cleanup), which take their usual parameters.

A |section=yes parameter can be used to modify the template to be used below a section header.

Example for article

{{Article issues|
{{Orphan|date=January 2008}}
{{POV|date=June 2009}}
{{One source|date=March 2011}}
{{Expand article|date=June 2012}}


Example for section

{{Article issues|section=yes|
{{Unreferenced section|date=January 2008}}
{{Cleanup section|date=June 2009}}
{{Update|type=section|date=March 2011}}
{{Expand section|date=June 2012}}