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* [[National component Poland| Poland]]
* [[National component Poland| Poland]]
* [[National component Portugal| Portugal]]
* [[National component Portugal| Portugal]]
* [[National component Spain| Spain]]
==See also==
==See also==

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Joint programmes are assessed according to the elements included in the ECA Assessment framework for joint programmes in single accreditation procedures and the relevant national components.

The relevant national components:

  • lay outside the ECA assessment framework for joint programmes in single accreditation procedures
  • cover particular (sub)national legal requirements.
  • refer to all the components of the (sub)national higher education system where the results of the single accreditation procedure will be used for accreditation purposes.
  • include elements that need to be added to the assessment criteria and the assessment procedure. Where relevant, this means that these elements need to be addressed by the joint programme in the self-evaluation report, by the quality assurance agency in the organisation of the procedure and by the assessment panel in their assessment report.
  • limited to requirements considered to be a precondition to take legal accreditation decisions.

National components

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