FIBAA trainings

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Target audience of training

Regular trainings of new reviewers (2 per anno):

  • academics,
  • professionals
  • students

Seminars for experienced experts (2 per anno)

Content of training


  • learn about assessment procedure
  • national regulations and European standards assessments framework

Experienced experts:

  • new regulations
  • standards and trends
  • consistency of procedures

Preparatory Materials

  • Background documents (regulations)
  • FIBAA assessment guide

Training process

  • 1 day training
  • 4 trainings per year organized

Learning outcomes

Newcomers learn:

  • roles and tasks of experts
  • differences conditions/recommendations
  • assessment methods
  • national and European regulations

Experienced experts learn about:

  • changes of regulations
  • interpretation of regulations
  • special items (i.e. joint programmes)


  • Present case studies;
  • Discuss examples,
  • Working on texts,
  • Reporting of own experiences

Skills of trainers

Experienced staff of agency; experiences in QA policies and procedures