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Erasmus Mundus Quality Assurance (EMQA) is a participatory approach to quality assurance that has been built since 2008 for the European Commission DG Education and Culture Erasmus Mundus Master and Doctoral Joint Programmes.

EMQA is not a standard quality assurance process of judging or ranking courses against a fixed set of ‘standards’. The underlying principle is that international programmes are innovating constantly and that this innovation needs to be communicated directly back to the higher education sector.

EMQA considers itself a strongly participatory approach to excellence. Their resources can be used by any international programme – Master, Doctoral, Professional, or Commercial – to help review their quality against a structured set of quality components drawn from higher education across the European Union.

Online tool

EMQA provides an online platform to help joint programmes review their quality. The tool is intended to help joint programmes to:

  1. Understand the 'landscape' of quality challenges that international programmes encounter;
  2. Self-assess their own courses or programmes against a series of structured questions;
  3. See in detail examples of excellent practice from programmes studied in depth since 2008;
  4. Read a Handbook of Excellence that guides joint programmes through the issues they need to consider when creating Master and Doctoral Programmes;
  5. Contribute excellent practices and thus add to the body of evidence in order to continue to develop the 'components of excellence'.

Main publications

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