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on 01 June 2017



José Arnáez Vadillo new Director of ANECA


One thought on “José Arnáez Vadillo new Director of ANECA

  1. Peter Laban says:

    Dear Dr Arnaez,
    Congratulations with your appointment as Director of ANECA. I write you here as your email with Universidad dEl Rioja is not any more valid. I am working now as a consultant and Dryland Ecosystem Group Lead of the IUCN Commission for Ecosystem Management (CEM) for an assignment of FAO and IUCN in the Balkan on Good Agricultural Practices and Case studies on Ecosystem-based DRR, as inputs to a policy paper for the Balkan. One of the different to be proposed Good practices is Maintenance of Stone Terraces. I am a S&WC and ecosystem person , graduated in 1974 in Tropical soil Science and Forestry and in 1982 in Rural Development Economics from Wageningen Agricultural University and working since 2000 now in the Middle East being based in Palestine. I came across your interesting case study on landslide in terraced landscapes in NW Spain and have used this rich information for a case study for FAO/IUCN on stone terraces and landslides. I would appreciate if you can send me a short email to the email address below, so if that interests you we can shortly communicate especially to double-check if the information from your study is well represented.
    Thanks you very much for your attention to this and I hope to hear soon from you.
    Kind greetings, Peter Laban

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