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The ECA Experts Exchange Platform provides direct access to portfolios of experts. The EEEP allows identified and logged in administrators of a network of quality assurance agencies to search and find the most relevant experts for their quality assurance procedures.

This short guide helps you make the most of using the platform.

Simple search

Search for experts is often the hardest part. The EEEP has tried to make it effortlessly simple. The simple search box accepts all types of keywords and then searches through the complete portfolios with those keywords.

List of results

Using the keywords provided in the simple search box, the EEEP will present a list of matching results. This list can be sorted. By default, the list is sorted with the most recently updated portfolio on top. You can choose to sort the list by name, city and country. Hovering over the list gives direct access to the types of expertise/experience. Clicking on the name of the expert takes you to that expert's portfolio.

Bookmark an expert

While clicking a name takes you to a portfolio, clicking a highlighted result opens a little box with more options. This box first allows you to add an experts to your bookmarks. Bookmarking can be used to keep track of experts or to manage your search for a specific procedure. You can access all your bookmarks by clicking your name on top of the screen.

Send a message to an expert

The options box, which appears when clicking a highlighted result, also allows you to send a message to an expert. Because when you have found the expert you were looking for, you need to get in touch. We have made this easy too. With a simple click on 'Message' you can email the expert and let them know that you want to invite them.

Message candidate 5. Message candidate

Not everyone has access to their email on the move, but something that is never far from people’s pockets are their mobile phones. So if you’re in a rush to fill a vacancy and are worried your candidate won’t check their emails before the deadline, why not send them a SMS to let them know you’ve seen their CV? It’s a text message they won’t want to ignore.

Download selected CVs 6. Download selected CVs

Sometimes you want to view more than one candidate’s CV to let you compare their qualities. Simply tick however many candidates you want and download multiple CVs with one simple click. It’s easy. This is ideal if you want a large selection to choose from or have a bulk of similar vacancies to fill.

Advanced search 7. Advanced search

Rather than wasting time skim reading CVs until your eyes hurt, why not whittle down the numbers by filling in some more advanced filtering elements about candidates? This includes boxes about additional languages, job title, work eligibility and location proximity based on postcode to ensure you only get the most relevant selection.

Save a search 8. Save a search

If you’re always advertising for similar job descriptions or are planning on searching for candidates for several months before you make up your mind, then you probably can’t be bothered with filling in search boxes every day. So let us do the hard work and find the candidates for you instead. Save your search criteria and we’ll send you regular CV and profile alerts of matching candidates when they crop up. You’ll receive up to 10 candidates every 2 hours, so you won’t have to worry about missing out on the dream candidate; we’ll find them for you. Looking to fill a bulk of roles and worried about finding enough candidates? Then save your search to the CV broadcast, where we’ll send you up to 500 matches a day.

Saved searches 9. Saved searches

Still want to check for yourself but don’t want to be filling in search boxes every time? We’ve got that covered too. Save your search once and every time you log in you can rerun it to see the relevant candidates. It really is as simple as that. Need to slightly adjust what you’re looking for? No problem, you can edit it at any time.