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  • Duration: 2 years


The European Masters in Sport and Exercise Psychology (EMSEP) is a two-year master’s level programme aimed at students from all over the world who hold a bachelor’s degree. The EMSEP programme is organised by four of field’s leading European universities: the University of Jyväskylä (JyU, coordinator), the University of Leipzig (UL), the University of Thessaly (UTH) and Lund University (LU). The programme aims at educating highly qualified researchers and professionals for the growing field of SEP, for example, in the areas of motivation, performance, behaviour regulation, counselling, and preventive interventions within sport and exercise. The programme is a timely response to increased demands for experts in the field to address major challenges related to ill- health, a sedentary life style and the world of sports today.

The EMSEP partner institutions have particular areas of excellence, which will be accessible to interested students via the mobility periods. These areas of excellence include: JyU - Social and emotional learning in exercise; Cultural sport and exercise psychology; LU - Group dynamics and team performance; UTH - Exercise and health; Motivational climate in physical education and sport; UL - Elite sport and performance enhancement; Gender and social aspects of exercise and sport.

The curriculum of the two-year EMSEP programme consists of 120 ECTS credits. The EMSEP provides a stimulating and challenging programme of study comprised of lectures and seminars, independent ICT-enhanced study, a joint study abroad period, an internship placement, and a sustained master’s research project. The language of instruction is English. The students spend the first semester in their home universities (JyU, LU or UTH). In semester 2, all of the students study at Leipzig, where they benefit from instruction by the experts of the consortium and scholars from all over the world. Semester 3 includes a second mobility period (optional for some students), which provides additional opportunities for students to increase their intercultural competence. Semester 4 will be devoted to thesis work at the students’ home universities.

The EMSEP programme prepares students for a research and/or professional career in Sport and Exercise Psychology through a combination of coursework, independent study, internship, and an extensive hands-on research experience. After a successful completion of the course, the graduates will be awarded a double degree. The EMSEP graduates are expected to find employment in the private and public sectors of exercise, well-being and sport, for example, as health and fitness leaders, instructors, coaches, performance enhancement or psychological health consultants, or academic researchers in the field.

The admission requirements include a Bachelor’s degree with good grades in sport sciences or psychology, a good command of English, basic knowledge of research methods and a proven interest in the field of SEP. The application deadline for the course is January 10, 2011 for all applicants. Annual student intake is 24.


  • UNIVERSITY OF JYVÄSKYLÄ, Finland (Co-ordinating institution)


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