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EAR stands for the European Area of Recognition. The project is co-funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme and the different ENICs and NARICs that are involved in this project.

The main outcome of this project is the EAR recognition manual, a practical manual containing the standards and guidelines on all aspects of the international recognition of qualifications.

The aim of the EAR project has been to tackle the current differences in which the criteria of the Lisbon Recognition Convention are applied by the ENICs and NARICs, and which are an obstacle to student mobility.

To improve this situation the EAR project aimed to make a bridge from theory (the LRC criteria) to practice, making use of the LRC criteria, recommendations and studies on recognition from the last decades. The result has been the above mentioned EAR recognition manual.

The Bologna Follow-Up Group Working Group on Recognition which was installed two years ago (2010) has strong links with the EAR project team, and strongly advocates the use of the EAR manual as an important new recognition tool.

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