ARCHMAT - European Master in ARCHaeological MATerials Science

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  • Duration: 24 months


The ARCHMAT is a 2 year EMMC (120 ECTS) within a consortium of 3 HEI (Evora-UE, Rome- UNIROMA1,Thessaloniki-AUTH) as full partners, 4 HEI (Avignon-UA, Palermo-UNIPA, Fez-UF and Rio de Janeiro-UERJ) and 3 non HEI Research centres (Scientific Laboratory Musei Vaticani-MV, Archaeological Museum of AIANI, ICMA- Zaragoza) as associated members, providing students with specialized skills in archaeology and analytical characterization of materials from prehistory (megalithic) to classical times (Greek and Roman). After completion of 90 ECTS (3 semesters) and 30 ECTS of a Master thesis, a Joint EM Master degree will be awarded by the three full partners (UE- AUTH-UNIROMA1) together with a Joint Diploma supplement signed by all partners. The study and conservation of Cultural Heritage materials is a research area with a strong multidisciplinary connotation and requires skills that span across the Humanities and Science research fields.

ARCHMAT provides a common platform for students with different educational backgrounds (Science and Humanities) to understand the scientific methods to study archaeological materials and aims to form highly specialised professional expert in this sector. Classes will be delivered at Evora (coordinator), La Sapienza Roma and Thessaloniki. Associated members will give seminars on specialised aspects of Archaeometry (laser cleaning, isotopic analysis, ND techniques, 3D Digital reconstruction, case studies). Students with excellent bachelor degrees from both Science (Physics, Earth Sciences, Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry) and Humanities (Art, History, Archaeology, Conservation Science) will be eligible to apply.

The first year will be divided into two semester In the first one at UE, 24 ECTS will be delivered by UE and 6 ECTS will be delivered by associated partners: UF (2 ECTS), ICMA (2 ECTS) and IMC (2 ECTS). In the second semester at AUTH, 24 ECTS will be delivered by AUTH) and 4 ECTS will be delivered by lecturers from associated partners: MA (1 ECTS) and UA (3 ECTS). At the end of the first year, a 1 week summer school (2 ECTS) will be organized at AUTH where all partners of the Consortium will participate and contribute to. By the end of the first year, students will have had the opportunity to meet lecturers from all ARCHMATpartners and gained an overview of their respective areas of expertise that will help them to formulate early plans for the final Master thesis work. In this respect, the possible Master thesis subjects will be communicated to the students during the summer school or immediately afterwards.The second year is split into two semesters (30 ECTS each): in the third semester at UNIROMA1 20 ECTS will be delivered by UNIROMA1 and 10 ECTS will be delivered by associated partners: UNIPA (4 ECTS), UERJ (2 ECTS) and MV (4 ECTS). The fourth semester in UE or UNIROMA1 or AUTH is devoted to master thesis work in collaboration with at least one associated partner.


  • UNIVERSIDADE DE EVORA, Portugal (Co-ordinating Institution)


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