4CITIES - UNICA Euromaster in Urban Studies

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  • Duration: 24 months


The UNICA Euromaster in Urban Studies (4CITIES) is a well-established two year master programme involving six universities in four European cities: Vrije Universiteit (VUB), Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) in Brussels, Universität Wien (UW) in Vienna, Kobenhavns Universitet (KU) in Copenhagen, Universidad Autónoma (UAM) and Universidad Complutense (UCM) de Madrid. The programme has been running for four successful years and students are very engaged to the programme that improves every year.The programme is aimed at highly motivated students with at least a bachelor degree in social, cultural sciences, architecture & planning, geography, media studies or a similar degree. Teaching staff as well as students come from different disciplinary backgrounds and initiate thereby a mutual learning process.

The main objective of this master is to acquire a comprehensive and sound knowledge of European cities within differing welfare state systems in a globalised world. This is fulfilled by the combination of interdisciplinarity and internationality within European growth strategy and worldwide discourse. Europe 2020 combines the approaches of smart growth, sustainable growth, inclusive growth and economic governance. All four approaches fit perfectly to current concepts in urban studies.The programme focuses on the impacts of globalisation processes on cities, the city as social and cultural constructs and Europe as a specific unit of analysis. 4CITIES is based on the emerging demand for comprehensively educated graduates in the field of Urban Studies and aims at a well-conceived and cohesive theoretical education with a strong emphasis on applied fieldwork and cooperation. Our topics in teaching and fieldwork are aiming at relevance for the scientific and labour market in order to ensure the employability of the graduates. It builds on strong cases, the importance of fieldwork and a number of excursions and visits out of which students gain contacts and interest in different fields, thesis input and even possibilities to enter the professional market.

The strength of this masters programme results from the integration of analytical skills typical for the (social-)sciences and the more design oriented skills of planning and architecture. With the aid of six contributing and distinguished universities in the four cities mentioned, all essential issues of a globalised urbanised world can be studied in detail and on various scales. Therefore differences in terms of genesis and urban dynamics will be identified, analysed and compared. The master programme is dedicated to the analyses of urbanism as a new emerging form of social and political organisation in an era of globalisation which has profound consequences on the functioning of valuable life within cities.The programme leads to different kind of occupations: urban policy advise, urban project management, urban planning and design, urban research and media, or academic posts in urban studies.


  • VRIJE UNIVERSITEIT BRUSSEL, Belgium (Co-ordinating Institution)


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