ASIIN International QA Conference in Berlin

ASIIN in cooperation with 15 other bodies organises the following international QA conference:  “Quality Management  in Higher Education: the unsolved mystery of its untapped potential – how can we jointly tackle the five remaining grand challenges?” in … read more

Joint Quality Initiative: The Origin of the Dublin Descriptors

As the Bologna Process moves forward with new Communiques, reports and actions taken we should remember that sometimes significant progress is made by a small group which then evolves into something bigger. A good example … read more

Board and Secretariat of ECA wish you a Happy New Year!

For the major news items in 2015 see:  ECA NEWS IN 2015. read more

Ivan Leban appointed as Vice-Chair of ECA

On 4 December 2015 the ECA members have appointed Ivan Leban (SQAA, Slovenia) as Vice-Chair of ECA. Prof. Dr. Ivan Leban became Director of the Slovenian Quality Assurance Agency (SQAA) in 2013. He was Professor of Chemistry … read more

René-Paul Martin-Denavit confirmed as Chair of ECA

ECA members confirmed on 4 December 2015 René-Paul Martin-Denavit (CTI, France) as Chair of ECA. He was Acting Chair since former ECA Chair Rafael van Grieken became Minister of Education of the region Madrid. Dr René-Paul … read more

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